through collaboration with international designers and partners in the region, schmidinger möbelbau has already managed at an early stage to preserve the virtues of the small craft structure and yet to act as a reliable partner for global customers. the family run business in schwarzenberg lasting over three generations has been led by wolfgang schmidinger since 1986. ever since, exclusively furniture and interior designs made of wood have been produced with advanced machinery and manufacturing equipment. in 1991, together with the austrian designer helmut galler, he developed his own furniture series, marking an important step for the company.





since restructuring in 2006, three series characterise the range from schmidinger möbelbau: in the »made-to-measure« series orders are tailor-made and produced individually. the »collection« series includes standard furniture of international designers and is also designed for retail partners. the third area, the »sacred« series is devoted to the challenging task of fitting out ritual spaces with restrained and yet sublime objects.


the high design standards and the quality of execution have made schmidinger möbelbau one of the most famous furniture producers in the region.



wolfgang schmidinger - schmidinger möbelbau

team player and visionary. it is not by chance that wolfgang schmidinger played a founding role in the werkraum bregenzerwald platfom. in recent decades crafts have undergone a tremendous change. computerized machines allow the transposition of old, learned craftsmanship into modern furniture making – highly accurate, fast and limitless. a new generation of craftsmen is facing this technology. well trained, confident and with joy in their work. for wolfgang schmidinger supervising and leading his team is a responsible task.




many an old tradition has remained. the love of wood and the proximity to people in order to know what they need. for him it is important that the doors are still open in his workshop. to provide insight, which carpenter is building your kitchen, if the attitude of this enterprise corresponds to the personal ideas of the customer or where the wood for the dining room table is grown.


placing the highest demands on aesthetics, rooms for a good life are designed. nothing is standard, it is always more, and above all the feeling of wellbeing has priority. from the design to the final product numerous steps intertwine. with sensibility for form and design, proper knowledge of material and technology wolfgang schmidinger in many different ways is the conjunct and contact for architects, designers and customers.